Friday, August 5, 2011

Major Poker Events and the Site that Delivers


The most prestigious poker milestone in the world and the pinnacle of all poker tournaments, the “World Series of Poker” or WSOP is every poker player’s dream come true. Founded in 1970, this poker event is the longest-running (41 years), biggest, richest and the most prestigious gaming affair in the world. To this date this poker institution has given over $1.2 billion in tournament prizes; annually, the WSOP features 58 different poker events over 50 consecutive days each summer.

The winner of each WSOP tournament gets a World Series of Poker gold bracelet – poker player’s most prized possession – and a cash prize based on the number of entrants and the amount of the event buy-in.

The WSOP headquarters is located in none other than the sin city of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. It is owned by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation since 2004, a private gaming corporation that operates over 50 casinos and hotels.


APT or the “Asian Poker Tour” is a fairly young poker event founded in 2008; it’s a major poker tour that focuses on the Asia-Pacific region and is the biggest poker tournament in Asia. Although APT is green compared to WSOP’s 41 years in the business, it has quickly positioned itself as the premier poker tournament in Asia, and after a string of successful tournaments has quickly gained the recognition and respect of poker players as a world-class poker affair.

This year, the Asian Poker Tour will once again be holding big events at Asia’s most popular poker destinations, including India and the Philippines. In fact, this poker tour is stopping by at Manila, Philippines 12 days from now.

These 2 major poker tournaments, WSOP (European and America) and APT (Asian-Pacific) have many things in common.

• Well respected and highly anticipated poker events.
• Provides loads of cash prizes.
• Winning gives the victors higher social status in the gaming world


Dafapoker is a prime Asian-based online betting site, focusing primarily on online poker games, with thousands of customers around the world. We provide one of the best online poker rooms in the web, highly-interactive online poker software and top-notched customer service.

Dafapoker’s main goal is to provide poker players around the world with their best online poker experience. In line with this commitment, we strive to make sure that our players are always given a chance to participate in any WSOP and APT major event. If these 2 poker institutions have a major event happening, you can make sure that Dafapoker is there to provide you access.

In fact, Dafapoker is giving away packaged trips to this month’s APT event.

That is why if there are any major poker affairs going on, make sure to visit us and see if we have any packaged trip for you!

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