Friday, September 30, 2011

Golden Opportunities at Golden Week

A Golden Week

Among the various festivals in China, there are only 2 that stretch out more than a day. The “Golden Week”, which are the two annual 7-day national holidays held in China since 2000 begins with the “Spring Festival Golden week” held either in January or February, and the “National Day Golden Week” which takes place every October 1-7. Both of the two holidays last for three days, but by combining two weekends with them, people benefit from seven consecutive days off.

This month, in line with China’s Golden Week, we at Asian online poker site, Dafapoker will be launching a series of $1680 Golden Week poker tournaments; all poker enthusiasts are welcome to join. The event will be held from October 1-7, where everyday tournaments will have a $168 guaranteed prize pool.

The best thing about this promotion is you have several chances to win something. Players need only register at one tourney to be eligible for the rest. Losing players per tournament will be given free entry tokens for the following poker games so everyone will have a higher chance of winning .

The Four Great Bounty Players

The Green Turtle, White tiger, Red bird and Dragon are the four spiritual creatures that guard each direction in the compass in Chinese mythology. In Dafapoker however, these four great gods will be guarding the door to the Mega Million tournament, Dafapoker’s biggest online poker event to date. Each tournament will have a bounty player, and defeating them will win grant you a monthly Mega Million Super Satellite Token.

So start the Golden Week with some golden Poker opportunities at the site with the best online poker rooms