Friday, September 30, 2011

Golden Opportunities at Golden Week

A Golden Week

Among the various festivals in China, there are only 2 that stretch out more than a day. The “Golden Week”, which are the two annual 7-day national holidays held in China since 2000 begins with the “Spring Festival Golden week” held either in January or February, and the “National Day Golden Week” which takes place every October 1-7. Both of the two holidays last for three days, but by combining two weekends with them, people benefit from seven consecutive days off.

This month, in line with China’s Golden Week, we at Asian online poker site, Dafapoker will be launching a series of $1680 Golden Week poker tournaments; all poker enthusiasts are welcome to join. The event will be held from October 1-7, where everyday tournaments will have a $168 guaranteed prize pool.

The best thing about this promotion is you have several chances to win something. Players need only register at one tourney to be eligible for the rest. Losing players per tournament will be given free entry tokens for the following poker games so everyone will have a higher chance of winning .

The Four Great Bounty Players

The Green Turtle, White tiger, Red bird and Dragon are the four spiritual creatures that guard each direction in the compass in Chinese mythology. In Dafapoker however, these four great gods will be guarding the door to the Mega Million tournament, Dafapoker’s biggest online poker event to date. Each tournament will have a bounty player, and defeating them will win grant you a monthly Mega Million Super Satellite Token.

So start the Golden Week with some golden Poker opportunities at the site with the best online poker rooms

Friday, August 5, 2011

Major Poker Events and the Site that Delivers


The most prestigious poker milestone in the world and the pinnacle of all poker tournaments, the “World Series of Poker” or WSOP is every poker player’s dream come true. Founded in 1970, this poker event is the longest-running (41 years), biggest, richest and the most prestigious gaming affair in the world. To this date this poker institution has given over $1.2 billion in tournament prizes; annually, the WSOP features 58 different poker events over 50 consecutive days each summer.

The winner of each WSOP tournament gets a World Series of Poker gold bracelet – poker player’s most prized possession – and a cash prize based on the number of entrants and the amount of the event buy-in.

The WSOP headquarters is located in none other than the sin city of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. It is owned by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation since 2004, a private gaming corporation that operates over 50 casinos and hotels.


APT or the “Asian Poker Tour” is a fairly young poker event founded in 2008; it’s a major poker tour that focuses on the Asia-Pacific region and is the biggest poker tournament in Asia. Although APT is green compared to WSOP’s 41 years in the business, it has quickly positioned itself as the premier poker tournament in Asia, and after a string of successful tournaments has quickly gained the recognition and respect of poker players as a world-class poker affair.

This year, the Asian Poker Tour will once again be holding big events at Asia’s most popular poker destinations, including India and the Philippines. In fact, this poker tour is stopping by at Manila, Philippines 12 days from now.

These 2 major poker tournaments, WSOP (European and America) and APT (Asian-Pacific) have many things in common.

• Well respected and highly anticipated poker events.
• Provides loads of cash prizes.
• Winning gives the victors higher social status in the gaming world


Dafapoker is a prime Asian-based online betting site, focusing primarily on online poker games, with thousands of customers around the world. We provide one of the best online poker rooms in the web, highly-interactive online poker software and top-notched customer service.

Dafapoker’s main goal is to provide poker players around the world with their best online poker experience. In line with this commitment, we strive to make sure that our players are always given a chance to participate in any WSOP and APT major event. If these 2 poker institutions have a major event happening, you can make sure that Dafapoker is there to provide you access.

In fact, Dafapoker is giving away packaged trips to this month’s APT event.

That is why if there are any major poker affairs going on, make sure to visit us and see if we have any packaged trip for you!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poker Terms for Poker Hands

To play better poker, you need to understand poker and to understand poker you need to know the various poker terms. We at Asia’s best online poker site, Dafapoker, wishes you to have the best poker careers possible. So, we compiled a list of poker slang names for poker hands that might help you get a better grasp on the game.

Individual Card Slang Names


A – Bullet, Rocket
K – Cowboy
Q – Lady, Cowgirl, Dames, Diva
J – Johnny, Jackal or Valet
10 – Dime
9 – Nina Ross
8 – Snowman
7 – Stick or Candy Cane
5 – Nickel
4 – Sailboat
3 – Trey, Crab
2- Deuce, Duck


A-K – Big Slick
Q-J – Maverick, Oedipus Rex
A-J – Ajax
J-5 – Jackson five
K-Q – Marriage
7-2 - Hammer
K- J – Kojak
5-4 – Jesse James
K-9 – Canine

Five-card Hand Slang Names

Straight Flush (A-5) – Steel Wheel
4 of a kind – Quads, Book
4 of a kind (Aces) – Four Pips
Full House – Full Boat

Flush (Hearts/Diamonds) – Pink
Flush (Clubs/Spades) – Blue
Straight (10-A) – Broadway
Straight (A-5) – Bicycle, Wheel

3 of a kind- Trips
3 of a kind: (Kings) – 3 Wise Men
(Sevens) – Slot Machine
(Sixes) – Devil hand, Beast
(Deuces)- Huey, Dewey and Louie

Outside Straight Draw (2 different cards can complete the end of the straight. E.g you have 6789 and just needs a 5 or 10 to complete the straight) – Bobtail

Outside Straight Flush – Big bobtail

Inside Straight Draw (Needs a card to complete the straight E.g. 67_910) - Gutshot

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Online Poker Rules you must Never Overlook

Whether you are playing in an online poker or real poker, one must remember to always practice courtesy and politeness. Social etiquette should not be disregarded just because you can’t see or touch your opponents. Playing poker online doesn’t entitle people to act negligently rude and ruin the game for everyone. Remember that winning is just part of the game the other half is to know how to treat your opponents with respect and in turn earn theirs. Here are some simple etiquette rules that one must always practice when playing online poker.

1. Be considerate of others

Whether you’re playing for real money or just for fun, you must always be sensitive towards your opponents. Taking a lot of time before taking an action is very inconsiderate of others. When you’re playing in an online poker room you must always consider other player’s feelings and time, taking long breaks in between turns is really frustrating. If you have something to do, then it is best to fold your hand or finish your turn and sit out for that game rather than inconveniencing everyone on the table.

2. Be nice.

No one is asking you to be everyone’s best friend, if you don’t wish to interact with other players then feel free to do so. Remain silent and play, there’s nothing wrong with it. But do remember that you still have to be nice, if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all. Take note to never insult, argue or provoke other players during the game. If you don’t appreciate one’s style or strategy or even his name then just keep mum about it and mind your own game or if you can’t take it then best leave that table and find another. That way everyone will have a peaceful and enjoyable time.

3. Use the chat feature properly.

One of the best features of online poker is definitely their chat box. The chat feature can make a game more fun and enjoyable for everyone. If everyone uses it properly it could liven up even the most boring poker tables. People can get to know one another (many online poker friendships started through the chat), get tips, news and information. It also lends the online poker room an authenticity that can be found in real poker casinos. But this feature can also quickly become a real nightmare. People often use these chat boxes to insult, argue and pick a fight with fellow players. This is truly frustrating for everyone in the table when this happens. Too much drama sucks the enjoyment out of a game.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fly to the APT Asian Series with Dafapoker!

This August, Asia’s biggest land based poker tourney, the “APT Asian Series” or better known as the “Asian Poker Tour” will finally kick off at Manila, Philippines. The tour, which will be holding events in Asia’s most popular poker destinations such as Macau and the Philippines, has been known to provide nothing less than world-class poker experience to poker players and enthusiasts not only in Asia but all over the world.

Want to be a part of it? Here’s how.

From June to July 31, simply register and participate in Dafapoker’s “Fly to APT Asian Series” promo and earn “fly points”. First, become a VIP at Dafapoker and play in various cash tables and tournaments to earn Gold Coins. The more you play the higher VIP level you'll get and the faster you'll earn these Gold Coins, which in turn, can be converted to “fly points”. “Fly points” could win you various rewards including cash prizes, tournament tokens and an APT Asian Series package that can worth up to $3000!

Wait! Here’s another way for you to be part of this most anticipated event.

Another way to earn your spot at the APT Asian Series 2011 is to join any of the satellites and qualifiers offered by Dafapoker. Take part in any of the various buy-ins provided at the Dafapoker lobby and you could win an APT Asian Series package worth $3600 including a 5 night accommodation at Philippines’ most exclusive hotel, Maxim’s Tower!

Sounds exciting? Well what are you waiting for register and earn “fly points” now and be one of the lucky players to fly to Asia’s grandest poker event!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dafapoker’s Ready Sit-N-Go!

Are you Ready for some big poker reward?

This June, Dafapoker launches another exciting, competitive yet rewarding promotion with more than $100,000 cash prizes to be given away!

How it works?

All you have to do is Sit N Go at any Dafapoker SNG poker tourney and climb your way up in the leader boards. There will be 5 types of leader board rankings; each is categorized by stake and game type. Players of each category will receive a cash prize corresponding to their leader board rankings and top players can win as much as $1,400!

But that’s not all!

Dafapoker is feeling generous! That is why after the completion of each leader board period, Asia’s no.1 online poker room will also be giving a $2,000 freeroll for all the bubble places! So what are you waiting for? Get Ready to Sit N Go now only at Dafapoker!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dafapoker Shows its Gratitude

God rewards the faithful,

Teachers reward the obedient,

And Dafapoker rewards the loyal ones.

This year Dafapoker shows its appreciation to its loyal customers by providing bigger benefits, bigger rewards and bigger bonuses!

How big?

For this month of May, together with DafaPoker’s ongoing VIP Club promotion; Asia’s leading online poker room launches 2 new rewarding events—$1,000,000 Summer Sales and Best Hand of the Day; that will surely make your online poker experience more gratifying than ever!

Bigger benefits!

DafaPoker’s VIP club

How does it work?

Dafa Poker’s VIP club levels are divided according to the following: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Super Elite. All real money players will start out at Bronze level. After 3 months, DafaPoker will award a corresponding VIP level according to the number of Dafa Gold Coins you’ve accumulated so far. The higher you climb the levels the faster your ability to earn Dafa Gold Coins will be and the bigger benefits you can avail. So what are you waiting for? If you want better benefits, play now to climb the ranks!

Below are the various benefits a VIP club level member can avail:

· Monthly reload bonus

· Higher accumulation rate for Gold Coins

· Private support and assistance (only for VIP Diamond and Super Elite)

· Unlimited Bonus (only for Super Elites)

Take note, DafaPoker Gold Coins are earned at ring games and tournaments.

Bigger rewards!

$1,000,000 Summer Sales

To show their appreciation to their loyal customers, Dafapoker is cutting the prices of their biggest and most exciting tournaments by up to 80%! You read that right! You can now join huge guaranteed tournaments at less than half the usual buy-in prices!

Aside from that, you can win free entries to tournaments with huge guaranteed prizes!

Just play the various tournaments in the schedule provided by Dafapoker and win in a row to be eligible to the prizes:

4 consecutive tournaments won: you get a token to the next Sunday $250,000 mega satellite tournament

6 consecutive tournaments won: you get a token to the next 2 Sunday $250,000 mega satellite tournaments

8 consecutive tournaments won: you get a token to the next Sunday $250,000 main event!

Bigger bonuses!

Best Hand of the Day Bonus

How does it work?

Every day Dafapoker will reward the player who gets the highest winning hand with cash prizes up to USD 500! It’s that simple! Take note that this promotion is only applicable at Texas Hold’em non-tournament plays. The winning hand must be 4 Jack’s or higher to qualify for this promotion and only one player can win every day.

Bigger benefits, bigger rewards and bigger bonuses only here at Dafapoker! What are you waiting for? Join now!