Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poker Terms for Poker Hands

To play better poker, you need to understand poker and to understand poker you need to know the various poker terms. We at Asia’s best online poker site, Dafapoker, wishes you to have the best poker careers possible. So, we compiled a list of poker slang names for poker hands that might help you get a better grasp on the game.

Individual Card Slang Names


A – Bullet, Rocket
K – Cowboy
Q – Lady, Cowgirl, Dames, Diva
J – Johnny, Jackal or Valet
10 – Dime
9 – Nina Ross
8 – Snowman
7 – Stick or Candy Cane
5 – Nickel
4 – Sailboat
3 – Trey, Crab
2- Deuce, Duck


A-K – Big Slick
Q-J – Maverick, Oedipus Rex
A-J – Ajax
J-5 – Jackson five
K-Q – Marriage
7-2 - Hammer
K- J – Kojak
5-4 – Jesse James
K-9 – Canine

Five-card Hand Slang Names

Straight Flush (A-5) – Steel Wheel
4 of a kind – Quads, Book
4 of a kind (Aces) – Four Pips
Full House – Full Boat

Flush (Hearts/Diamonds) – Pink
Flush (Clubs/Spades) – Blue
Straight (10-A) – Broadway
Straight (A-5) – Bicycle, Wheel

3 of a kind- Trips
3 of a kind: (Kings) – 3 Wise Men
(Sevens) – Slot Machine
(Sixes) – Devil hand, Beast
(Deuces)- Huey, Dewey and Louie

Outside Straight Draw (2 different cards can complete the end of the straight. E.g you have 6789 and just needs a 5 or 10 to complete the straight) – Bobtail

Outside Straight Flush – Big bobtail

Inside Straight Draw (Needs a card to complete the straight E.g. 67_910) - Gutshot